• Simple MS Mid-Side Encoder Decoder Matrix for Mastering, Bare PC Board

This is a bare circuit board for the MS Matrix based on the design published in the Pro Audio Design Forum used by mastering facilities world-wide. The Precision MS Matrix uses THAT1240 line receivers with resistor matching of 0.005% to perform high accuracy mid-side sum and difference functions. The crosstalk performance is typically >60 dB across the full audio band. In the precision monitoring mode, which bypasses the encoder line driver and decoder line receiver, crosstalk is typically >75dB. The precision monitoring mode allows the matrix to remain in the path "A-B" comparison and level-match.

The Precision M/S Matrix provides simultaneous encode/decode capability. THAT1246 line receivers and THAT1646 OutSmarts
® line drivers provide fully-balanced I/O for the encoder and decoder inputs and outputs.

Additional unbalanced insert points are provided for encode left and right (post line receiver), encode mid and side (pre line driver), decode mid and side additional insert points permit muting, level trim and precision "end-to-end" monitoring via external circuitry.

The decode path has user-adjustable gain or attenuation before the final L and R outputs to provide overall unity gain E-E operation. If a variable gain encode option is required for the M and-or S channels to reduce "mono build-up," the decode section can be used to encode (and vice-versa) with reduced precision. The MS board can also operate as two simultaneous encoders or decoders by simply redefining its connections.

In addition to duty as an MS Matrix, the insert points allow the board to be the four THAT1646 line driver outputs provide user-selectable variable gain. The MS Board configured as a line driver receiver is the "Swiss Army Knife" of balanced I/O.

RMAA test results including crosstalk, noise and distortion performance are here.

The discussion thread for the Precision M/S Matrix is featured in the Pro Audio Design Forum. There's a GearSlutz discussion on the Precision M/S Matrix here.

The Precision MS Matrix is sold as either a bare PC board, a "kit" including THAT1240, THAT1246 and THAT1646 ICs, or an assembled and fully-tested module.

A Mouser Electronics Project Manager bill-of-materials is available for DIY builds of the Precision MS Matrix.

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Simple MS Mid-Side Encoder Decoder Matrix for Mastering, Bare PC Board

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