• THAT2252 RMS Audio Level Detector, Qty 2

The THAT 2252 integrated-circuit rms level detector is designed to convert an AC input current into a DC output voltage. The output is proportional to the log of the true rms value of the input signal. Fabricated in a super low-noise process, the 2252 combines wide dynamic range with frequency response to beyond 20 kHz. The logarithmic output is especially convenient for audio applications requiring decibel-linear scaling. The integration time is adjustable via an external R/C pair. With some external circuitry, response to DC is also possible.


• True RMS response
• Wide dynamic range
• High crest factor
• Wide bandwidth
• Logarithmic output scaling
• Low cost
• Single in-line package
• Matches THAT 2180 and 2181 Series VCAs


• Meters
• Spectrum Analyzers
• Compressors
• Expanders
• Oscillators
• Psychoacoustic Modeling
• Noise Measurement

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THAT2252 RMS Audio Level Detector, Qty 2

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