Buy six new Zetex/Diodes Inc. ZTX951 PNP medium power transistors in a modified TO-92 "E-line" package.

The Zetex ZTX951 was designed as a high-current low saturation voltage switch. As a consequence of its device geometry, the ZTX951 also has a low rbb resistance making it suitable for low-noise, low source impedance audio amplifiers.

The suitability of the ZTX951 for low noise amplifiers is discussed in section 8 of the new Third Edition of Horowitz and Hill's "Art of Electronics." "Although its noise voltage is unspecified, we found excellent noise performance good consistency with some Zetex bipolar transistors, notably their ZTX851 (NPN) and ZTX951 (PNP)."

Though it is not specified in the datasheet, the rbb of the ZTX951 was measured by Horowitz and Hill to be about 1.2 Ohms. (Art of Electronics, 3rd Ed. pg. 535.)

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Zetex ZTX951 PNP Medium Power Transistor, Low rbb, Low Noise, Qty 6

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