• THAT340 Quad Transistor Array, 2-NPN 2-PNP, DIP
(Note: THAT300 pictured.) The THAT 300, 320 and 340 are large geometry, 4-transistor, monolithic NPN and/or PNP arrays. They exhibit both high speed and low noise, with excellent parameter matching between transistors of the same gender. Typical base-spreading resistance is 25Ω for the PNP devices (30Ω for the NPNs), so their resulting voltage noise is under 1 nV/√Hz. This makes the 300 series ideally suited for low-noise amplifier input stages, log amplifiers, and many other applications.


• 2 Matched NPNs and PNPs
  – THAT 340 PNP typical h
fe of 75
  – THAT 340 NPN typical h
fe of 100

• Low Voltage Noise
  – PNP 0.75 nV/√Hz
  – NPN 0.8 nV/√Hz

• High Speed
• 500 µV matching between devices
• Dielectrically isolated for low crosstalk and high DC isolation
• 36V VCEO


• Low Noise Front Ends
• Microphone Preamplifiers
• Log/Antilog Amplifiers
• Current Sources
• Current Mirrors
• Multipliers
• Electronic Music

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THAT340 Quad Transistor Array, 2-NPN 2-PNP, DIP

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