• THAT1510 Microphone Preamplifier IC, DIP, Qty 6
The THAT 1510 and 1512 are high performance current-feedback instrumentation amplifiers designed for low source-impedance preamp and bus summing applications. The ICs are pin compatible with the Analog Devices SSM2019 and SSM2017 (discontinued), and the Texas Instruments INA217. The parts are designed from the ground up in THAT's complementary dielectric isolation process and include on-chip laser-trimmed Si-Chrome thin film resistor. In microphone preamplifier applications, both the 1510 and 1512 improve on previous integrated designs by offering lower noise at low gains, wider bandwidth, higher slew rate, lower distortion, and lower supply current.


• Low Noise: 1 nV/√Hz input noise (60dB gain)
• Low THD+N (full audio bandwidth): <0.001% @ 40dB gain; <0.005% @ 60dB gain
• Low Current: 6 mA
• Wide Bandwidth: 7MHz @ G=100
• High Slew Rate: 19 V/µs
• Wide Output Swing: ±13.3V on ±15V supplies
• Current feedback (CFB) architecture
• Gain adjustable from -6 to >+60dB with one external resistor
• Industry-standard pinout


• Microphone Preamplifiers
• Variable-gain Line Input Stages
• Differential Low Noise Preamplifiers
• Differential Summing Amplifiers
• Differential Variable Gain Amplifiers
• Moving-Coil Transducer Amplifiers
• Intercom/paging Systems
• Sonar
• Instrumentation

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THAT1510 Microphone Preamplifier IC, DIP, Qty 6

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